With Marvel Electronics HDMI Dongle, you can transform your traditional TV into a full 1080p media player, a photo viewer, a game machine and a display for your mobile phone. The Dongle is developed and worked under the Android platform, which is commonly used in mobile devices in the market. You can browse the Internet (e.g. Facebook, Picasa, Flicker, Youtube), […]

Walk on the streets and you will find that most people are using smart phones nowadays. Yet the battery consumption of the smart phones seems to baffle users for not lasting long enough. Marvel Electronics Smart Phone eliminates the need for constant recharge. It optimizes the battery life and supports the phone more than 3-4 days. Marvel Electronics Smart Phone is […]

Different requirements from customers are the motivation for Marvel Electronics to produce the latest Android Tablet with various solutions.  We have full functions tablet with 3G, Bluetooth and GPS of different sizes. These tablets are sold worldwide and our customers include the biggest operators around the world.  In Dec, we will release our new tablet with TV functions.

The Dual Streaming Box is a new and unique product in consumer electronics. It integrates with 4 unique features: dual video streaming, remote recording, camera streaming and cross platform, which makes it so special and multifunction. Owning this dual streaming box, you can enjoy your favorable TV program as World Cup 2014 but not at home; and you can monitor your baby when you are […]

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